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MyRuralRadio.net, the hub of original artistry, thrives on the support of individuals and organizations like you. We invite you to join hands with us as a sponsor and be a driving force behind the independent music movement.

🌍 Fueling the Future of Music:
While MyRuralRadio.net is a free platform for artists and listeners, the technology and resources that power our radio station require funding. Your sponsorship ensures that the melodies of emerging talents continue to resonate worldwide.

🎤 Unlock Opportunities for Venues:
Calling all venue owners who champion original artists! By becoming a sponsor, you not only contribute to the growth of independent music but also open doors to remarkable benefits for your venue.

🎉 Exclusive Venue Benefits:

Amplified Exposure:
As a sponsor, your venue gains enhanced visibility through our platform. Your events will be highlighted, ensuring that your space becomes a destination for music enthusiasts.

Event Calendar Access:
Enjoy the privilege of adding your venue's events to our calendar, connecting you directly with our engaged audience seeking unique musical experiences.

Collaboration Opportunities: Sponsors have the chance to showcase their support through collaborations, interviews, and features, positioning your venue at the forefront of the independent music movement.

🌐 Support, Empower, Elevate:
By sponsoring MyRuralRadio.net, you make a statement that echoes through the world of music. Your contribution goes beyond technology; it empowers artists, connects communities, and shapes the future of independent music.

🎧 Unite with Us:
Call us today at 443-928-1940 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how your support can make a profound difference. Join us in fostering a global community that values originality, creativity, and the remarkable stories woven by independent artists.

👉 Contact Us: Connect with us at mike@sunkentreasuredesign.com to embark on a journey that amplifies the spirit of independent music and transforms your venue into a hub of artistic innovation.

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Bridgewater Public House
White Rose Bar and Grill
Gift Horse Brewing Company


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